2016 Hillbilly Half Marathon

June 4, 2016
Leiper’s Fork, TN

Registration Now Open!

Welcome to the World-Famous 2016 Hillbilly Half Marathon, formerly known as the Franklin Half Marathon. We had a bit of a surprise along the 2015 race course. A rogue group, known as the “Bailey Bottom Boys” heckled runners as they picked the iconic “Deliverance” banjo tune. A passerby, April Cantrell was able to capture the footage, which has seen 2 million views on Facebook and over a million on YouTube. It was shared by Competitor Group, ESPN, CMT, and various other outlets. You can view the video here:

While the Bailey Bottom Boys are not affiliated with the race, they have promised to make their presence known to the “city folk in short shorts.” We do not believe they are a danger to the runners at this time. Only one runner was abducted in 2015 and he managed to get away. We have no reason to believe their bark is as big as their bite. They seem to be mostly talk, but we urge you to use extreme caution if you encounter them. Some good advice would be to stick together and if needed, run faster.

Another surprising turn of events was when the community of Leiper’s Fork embraced the hillbilly hecklers and demanded that the name of the race be changed to reflect the quirky community we know as Leiper’s Fork. This unique community is comprised of musicians, movie stars, artists, millionaires, a new A-list landowner and many other creative individuals. With all their talents, this event will continue to be the highlighted race of the southeast.

We are capping the half marathon at 2000 runners. We expect a sell-out! Please make plans to register on February 6, 2016 at 10:00am to guarantee your spot. Remember, this is a scenic, yet challenging course through the pristine back country of Williamson County, TN. Be sure you are properly hydrated and have plenty of hill training.

Runner Gets Abducted by Hillbillies at Franklin Half Marathon